Robert Strasser has been making objects of clay since high school, with specializations in slipware, hand drum making, and clay mosaics focusing on biodiversity.  He is also proficient at working on the potters wheel.  His functional and decorative pieces draw on and express various interests including folk traditions from Europe, Asia and the Middle East, and the human relationship to the natural world.  A very unique series of custom made ceramic miniatures sold and redeemed as gift tokens began as a means to stimulate creative participation in local economies, and circulated among several small businesses in downtown Frederick, Maryland.  A major highlight of his career in the ceramic arts was the chance to work in the ancient kiln cities of Tokoname and Shigaraki in 2000-2002. He has taught many workshops and been a visiting or artist in residence at various educational organizations ranging from schools and colleges to public parks and arts foundations.

It is fundamental to human nature to create.  Clay offers us one of the most direct of human physical experiences, the tactile.  Its near ubiquitous presence near Earth’s surface has provided humanity over the millennia with a versatile raw material with which to shape our world from the beginning.  I am grateful to have participated for many years in a profession that has such seemingly unlimited potential, and look forward to continuing my earth expressions into the future.


  1.  The Marks Project
  2. Maryland Arts Council
  3. Earth Expressions


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